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Steel Roller Doors

Gliderol™ Continuous Sheet Curtain Roller Door

uncompromised in design and style, forefront in technology worldwide and quality and safety that can be relied upon.

Our Gliderol Roller Doors are available in almost any size up to a maximum opening width of 5000mm and height of 3000mm. These reliable, low maintenance doors are available in Galvadek (unpainted) as well as 8 attractive Colourdek™ (Baked enamel) colours:

  • White Lion (Stucco)
  • Sandstone Beige (Stucco)
  • Buffalo Brown (Stucco)
  • Polar White (Stucco)
  • Traffic Green (Stucco)
  • Gemsbok Sand (Stucco)
  • Armour Grey (Stucco)
  • Charcoal (Stucco)